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About Us

Creative Cake is very proud to be the leader of custom decorative cake company in Indonesia. Based in Surabaya, not only are we providing the tastiest cakes, but also the most beautiful one. We are the reliable yet professional cake decorator who provides you the simplest way to find and purchase various decorating tools, cake accessories, supplies and many others. For us, a cake, cupcake or cookie should be amazingly delicious and come in extraordinary look.

What do we offer? We provide everything you need related to cakes and cookies. Creative Cake is the specialist on cake and cupcakes decoration. Therefore, for you who have passion on baking or cake decorating, we are very pleased to present you the entire supporting tools. Our high quality cakes and cookies decorating tools allow you to make unlimited creation of your own.

Not only can you find all premium decorating tools, but also the best guidance from our expert through our courses. We have some classes and special courses that you can join. We give you the time flexibility and total convenience on our courses through the appointment-based classes and comfortable space, so the learning process will be so effective.

What would you find on our site? You'll find all cake decorating tool variants locally made and imported goods available for online purchase - hassle free! If you live near our area, you can directly visit our offline store and we will always ready to help you to find the decorating tools you need. On Creative Cake, you don’t have to buy the decorating tools in a bulk. We will give you the best service in wholesale price even for a single tool or cake purchasing.
Creative Cake is a one stop destination for cake decoration.